Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | March 17, 2010

You Can See It

It’s coming.

Summer.  Not just one of the four seasons.  The Arizona Summer.  For those who have experienced the phenomenon, it’s comparable to the New England winter.  It seems to last forever.  It’s the topic of conversation among strangers.  It leads you to linger in stores, cars, and movie theaters longer than necessary.  It’s inevitable.  Arizona summer.

I seem to have slipped through the cracks and missed the Arizona heat for the last four years or so.  In actuality, I haven’t witnessed a complete AZ summer for years.  It’s easy to forget the longevity of the heat.  It’s also easy to forget the positive side of this desert occurence.

I met with a best friend of mine today out west of Phoenix in Glendale.  Both Chelsea and I have moved away and experienced cold places for a number of years.  We were commenting today on how easily we take for granted our sunshine and heat here.  Today: sunny, highs in the eighties.  This is why we Arizonans suffer the scalding steering wheels and sticky car seats.  We get to enjoy a couple months of weather bliss.

And the heat brings good things…

Like ice cream.


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