Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | February 11, 2010

No Direction(s) Needed

I just had the best pancakes ever.  One of those blow-you-away-why-isn’t-anyone-here-to-share-this-with-me meals.  I have to admit there were no photos taken.  The above shot is from The Hungry Runner.  Fitting because the pancakes this morning were the healthy post-workout type.

I’ve mentioned before my obsessive ways that often prevent me from starting to bake or cook something.  I generally scrutinize and reread directions over and over.  I am proud to say that I am a pancake direction reader no more.  The first time I considered this path was a couple of months ago.  I was visiting my friend Lisa in Tucson, and she was crafting gluten-free pancakes for us to enjoy.  Trader Joe’s makes a wonderful GF mix, free of nuts, dairy, corn and soy.  And it’s actually made with brown rice flour, unlike many GF mixes on the market which have white rice flour, cornstarch, and all other things refined.  She went about making brunch without measurements, or instructions!  To think, something done off the cuff…lovely.

So today, vegan gluten-free pancakes.

3/4 c (ish) GF Trader Joe’s pancake mix

1 Tbl  (or so) ground flax

3 chopped pitted dates stirred in

That’s it!  No milk, no oil.  Add water to the mix, and stir to dissolve lumps.  The mix was quite runny at this point so I left it to sit for about a half hour and proceeded to piddle about the apartment. Meanwhile, I had a small sauté pan heating on low.  Then it was pancake business as usual. Lightly oil the skillet and cook until lightly brown on each side. I topped these babies with cinnamon apples from work.

No direction for the day off.  That’s progression.

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