Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | December 27, 2009


I think maybe the definition of holidays is “Eat a lot, often.  Repeat for multiple days.”  Matt and I shared Christmas with his family in Phoenix.  Yesterday we drove to Albuquerque to visit my family.  Christmas included a brand new camera from Matt (YAY) 🙂 Therefore, lots of pictures to follow.

The above picture was Matt’s dessert platter/spread after he’d had a go at it.  Pumpkin pie, berry pie, plum pudding, ice cream, and whip cream.  Following is how he felt after…

Happy Holidays!  Naturally, despite being on vacation, I HAD to get online and read blogs I’m addicted to.  Another Christmas gift this year was a Cuisinart food processor from Matt’s parents which I cannot wait to use.  I’ve been obsessed with Katie’s blog and her use of the processor to make all sorts of fun tasty vegan treats.  Katie’s doing a giveaway which I HAD to partake in!  Can’t wait to use all these new goods, and of course, eat the holidays away!

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