Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | December 19, 2009

A Review: Pizza Heaven

Matt loves pizza.  I love pizza.  Most people do.  Fortunately for the celiacs of the world, the restaurant community has grabbed onto this whole gluten free pizza thing.  We make a point of seeking out restaurants that have a gluten free menu or are known to be “aware.”  It saves the hassle of getting somewhere, explaining the situation, feeling like I spoke in Cantonese, then leaving said restaurant, starving and irritated.

Before leaving AZ earlier this year, we would often have dinner at Picazzo’s.  This chain is an amazing gift to the gluten free community, and I know they’ve now expanded into other states.  I think they take the cake (or GF cookie) as far as crust consistency and variet goes.  But here’s a list (to be expanded) of pizza in the valley.  (Yes I can say valley now that I live here.)

  • To be mentioned is Spinato’s, whose garlic laden sauce puts all other red sauces to shame.
  • There’s Piezano’s, where you get to create your own pizza and they make it right there, new-gloved and all.
  • We ventured to ZPizza a few weeks ago, and had a fabulous southwest pizza complete with avocado (one love of mine.)
  • We’ve traveled far for Pizza Fusion, though I skipped pizza for a huge Caesar salad.
  • Last night a double date with Jess and Jim (fellow pizza lovers) took us to none other than Pizza Heaven.  We were entertained by live music, accidental free pizza (lucky Jim) and a cute, if bizarre, ambiance.

Many of these restaurants get crust from Gluten Free Creations Bakery in Phoenix.  If you’re ever in Arizona and find yourself gluten intolerant, GO HERE.  For many, it’s the first time they’ve seen a donut in months.  Correction: years.    The owner, Lynn Rae Ries, has authored a number of books and is a downright leader of celiac awareness.

Jess took me to a cute little market the other day, Luci’s Marketplace.  They carry GFC’s bagels and breads for breakfast.  How far have we come??! Love it.  In addition to the fact that many of these restaurants are supporting celiac awareness, a majority of them promote local and sustainable ingredients.  I have yet to start on this exciting topic!

Of course, now I’m starving…maybe we’ll try somewhere new tonight….

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