Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | November 24, 2009

The Phenomenom

I’m pretty sure there is some validity to the idea that the busier you are, the more you do.  And on the opposite token, the less you have to do, the LESS you DO.  I am a sure example of this idea.  It’s now been 24 days that I’ve not gone to work.  Okay okay, lots of people are without jobs because they’ve been laid off, or because the economy is so bad that millions of successful, talented people are out of work.  I’m not complaining about the fact that I’m not working.  Thankfully, I found a job in Phoenix, and have yet to start.  I’m merely stating the fact that when I have nothing on the agenda; no work, no training, no homework, no tasks around the house, etc., I DO NOTHING.

I wish I was one of the women who grasp this phase of free time and really use it.  You know, start up craft projects and actually finish them.  Bake lots of new desserts to share with others.  Read books I’ve always wanted to get into.  Oh the list goes on and on.  Long story short, I am so unproductive that I feel accomplished after going to the market!

And really that’s it, I think I’m just amazed at how this whole thing plays out.  Have less to do, do less.  Have more to do, get more done.  A good friend from NH told me before I left, “Nicolette enjoy your free time.  Don’t feel guilty for it, just embrace relaxation.”  Kylie is voicing these words as the new mother of a jubilent, chubby 6 month old boy.  The girl must embrace every second because who knows when she’ll see eight hours sleep again!

So tomorrow being Thanksgiving, Matt and I will head to my Tucson home, where I will be thankful for my parents, for my childhood, for all that is home.  And I will be productive dammit!  This year, dinner rests on the shoulders of no one but myself.  And we start a new tradition, Mexican for Thanksgiving.  Maybe, just maybe, Matt and I will remember a camera.  If not, well, it’s one more thing on my to do list for the future!

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