Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | November 6, 2009

Arizona Arrival

Matt and I made the cross-country road tip this week from Portsmouth, NH to Phoenix, AZ.  The summary: five days, four nights, one  (filled) Subaru, one (filled) Thule, multiple pairs of shoes, lots of Monster (for him), multiple family visits, a little wine, and lots of car time.  We stopped in Niagara Falls, Chicago, Topeka Ks, and Albuquerque, NM.  Got back to Phoenix safely. 

My car, however, not so much.  I’d like to report that my family experiences some of the most bizarre incidences thinkable.  Case in point: Dad comes out east, takes my Subaru to drive to AZ.  When pulled over to talk on the phone in Liberal, KS, he hears what he deems to be the explosion of the back half of Leonard (said Subaru).  Upon investigation, he sees a very large, very destructive-looking Cadillac Escalade 24 in rim wheel next to my poor crunched car.  Apparently, a body shop up the road had taken Sir Escalade for a test drive, failing to tighten the lug nuts before hand.  Wheel falls off, driver mechanic pulls car off the road, wheel continues in forward motion (see: Newton’s law) and rolls down large hill to hit bump in road, fly up and slam into my Subaru.  How does this really occur in life?

The ending: I’m grateful to be safely home in AZ.  I’m so thankful for all the people we stayed with and got to spend time with.  I miss East Coast girls already and am so happy for all the time I shared with everyone.  Lastly, I’m excited for new ventures and life stories here.  And also thankful for tightened lug nuts.


  1. These are the types of events that totally blow, but are so completely hysterical you have to laugh. So excited you’re back in AZ. xoxox

    • we miss you sooo soooooo sooooooo much!!! Glad your trip was safe and your father was spared from a rogue rim. Take lotsa baths in the sun and warmth for me!

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