Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | October 14, 2009

A Good Day for…

Day trips.  They’re a simple, short way to escape the realities of the mundane everyday.  Maybe there’s a goal for the day; a certain store, a favorite dish, the perfect vantage point for a memorable photo.  Maybe the goal is to not have one. When Matt and I started courting it was imperative that we would have a day trip plan, being that we lived in different cities, splitting time between Phoenix and Tucson. You have to admit it’s just better than bonding on the couch.

So, within the three week countdown of our departure date, a list of the fun places and things we’ve seen…

York, Maine and Ogunquit, Maine

The quaint coastal summer vacation spot.  Salt water taffy at Goldenrod’s, Ice Cream at Brown’s, wonderful gluten free ravioli at Julie’s Ristorante

Newburyport, Massachusetts

Coastal downtown full of boutiques, bars, and restaurants.  Awesome gluten free menu at Not Your Average Joe’s

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, Maine



Lobster Dinner

Camping in the park.  Shopping, eating and drinking downtown.  A little piece of Maine paradise.

New England Aquarium, Boston, MAIMG_1740

Follow up the aquatic sea life with some gluten free chowder from Legal Seafoods

Gloucester and Essex, MA


This little fishing town (think The Perfect Storm) holds the Fisherman’s’ Memorial.  Savor amazing gluten free fried foods at Woodman’s of Essex.  Lots of celiacs know about this little gem, but honestly, how exciting!  The owners and family are well versed on the needs of the gluten free.

Kangamaugus Highway, Northern NH




Be a leef peeper.  Have lunch at Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee.  Again, another gem of New England.  All the BBQ beef you could ask for.  The family also has great celiac awareness. Oh, and amazing carrot cake…there was no time for a picture.

And last weeks’ great adventure?? The mecca for eating, seeing, and walking…NYC!!  Coming up…


  1. Yay day trips! You guys have done so much in your time here. I’ve been here a year and done barely any of this stuff…Hopefully one day I’ll get inspired to go on day trips with veggie foods in mind.

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