Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | October 7, 2009


IMG_1838I know I’ve mentioned the amazement I have with CSAs.  I’m going to go ahead and mention it again.  I think they are the coolest thing since gluten free sliced bread.  Okay, that’s a tad extreme, but honestly?! Taking home immense amounts of fresh-from-the farm-goodness?  Sign me up.


I committed myself to going to pick up my friend Angela’s veggies for a few weeks as her work schedule won’t allow her to go.  Though the season is now done for her CSA in Maine, they still get a month of veggies once a week.  Angela has truly fallen in love with vegetables during her time working at Wild Root Farm.  We have vegetable talk almost anytime we work together.  A tad goofy?  Totally.  She lives at home and luckily most of the veggies are cooked weekly and eaten up by her family.  My fear has always been that I would become inundated with all the different types of veggies, many of which I’ve never seen, let alone heard of! (Kolrabi-what a lesson.)  This coming from a culinary school grad!  Scared of vegetables…silly right?

She came over today so we could get down to the nitty gritty of actually DOING something with all this veggie talk.  Here’s what I got yesterday:

Potatoes, leeks, garlic, red leaf lettuce, bibb lettuce, retubagas, carrots, heirloom tomatoes, and acorn squash.  Could we be less creative than potato leek soup??? Let’s say we were playing it safe.

Potato Leek Soup (adapted from an epicurious recipe)

2 lb. potato skinned, diced

8 leeks, cut lengthwise, chopped (using the white up to the leaves)

1 T. butter

2 c Chicken broth (we used Imagine chicken stock)

1/2 c water

1.  Saute leeks in butter until soft, not yet browned.

2.  Add potatoes, water, and stock, simmer for twenty minutes covered.

3.  Puree mixture in food processor or powerful blender.

4.  Season to taste.

Results: We used twice the amount of potato than was called for.  There was a reason for the 1 lb thing.  It was like leek-laden mashed potatoes!  And now we know…yet another culinary lesson learned.  However, I am still grateful for my pantry chock full of future endeavors.  Wish me luck.


  1. hahahaha 🙂 GO CSAs!!! that potato leek soup definitely could have been better, we will redeem ourselves though! i saw this article in the NY Times and it made me think of us and our food obsession:

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