Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | October 1, 2009

Journey to Maine

Monday was a day off from work.  The common thing to do?  Leave town on a road journey, naturally.  Everyone who lives in New England knows about the huge, never-ending L.L.Bean Flagship Store in Freeport, Maine.  There’s the hunting/fishing store, the home store, the retail store, the boat/bike/ski store, and finally the outlet.  Holy L.L. Bean.  Boyfriend Matt is a camping, biking, boating, traveling obsessed soul as well, so this was a small piece of heaven for him.  We actually didn’t buy anything but got a kick out of all the fun items one could spend many paychecks on.

Backpack shopping

Backpack shopping

I want this cot!

I want this cot!

Freeport is a town of outlets, not sure if there’s much else to it.  We wandered around until our hunger became important and decided to head south to Portland.  Portland is an adorable city full of food, drinks, and art.  I had read though the Gluten Free Registry that Portland Pie Company had a gluten free crust so it was the destination we had in mind.  Though there is a Flatbread in Portland as well, we’re lucky enough to live down the street from one here in Portsmouth.


We started off with cocktails, I had a Pinot Grigio, Matt was impressed with his first glass of Blueberry Ale.  The gluten free pizzas are 10″, a personal size.  They’re produced by French Meadow Bakery.  I ordered just the cheese and added spinach to it.  (Superfood!)  The crust was awesome!  It was thin and held its crunch unlike other gluten free pizzas.  Matt got a gluten filled pizza, and managed to consume the entire thing so I’m guessing it was wonderful as well.  They offer all kinds of topping combinations and any of the “normal” pizzas can be done on the gluten free crust.



  1. I like the pics of you and Matt! Your writing is so cute.

  2. what i can i say, pizza restaurants are really the best and they can really fill my belly `:;

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