Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | October 1, 2009

Apples to Apples


First day of October!  I feel like the day should be benchmarked in some way.  To some, it means the true beginning of fall.  To others, it means they have to think about raking the leaves accumulating in the front yard.  I have the idea in my head that throughout my past falls spent in NH, it always became cold on the first of October.  And today proved my theory true!  A chilly day…perfect still for apple picking!

As a Phoenix, AZ native, boyfriend Matt has NEVER been apple picking!  Surely this is some kind of crime.  So it has been my goal to introduce him to this lovely phenomenon.  We went to Applecrest Farms in Hampton Falls where a beautiful expanse of apple orchards awaited our meandering.  On top of that, the farm seems to be open year round, offering a variety of seasonal goods, from blueberries and peaches to corn and tomatoes.  The farm stand offers hot apple cider, cider donuts, and every jam, jelly, or preserve you could ever want.


We decided we should be farmers.  I mean, how wonderful it is to see (quite literally) the fruit of your labor at the end of a work day.  A great friend of mine has worked as part of a CSA for the season and hands-down LOVES every part of this opportunity.  She finds it to be her time of peace in her crazy life.  And the fresh from the farm veggies she carts home every week?  An excellent perk.  Today we settled for reaping the benefits of the hard labor of others.


Apple upside down cake is in our future…


  1. Just found your site, looks great. I’m in Phx also, check out my blog at The farmers markets around here are great. I’ve been to a few in California also and they are wonderful.

  2. it makes me so happy that you’re finally blogging!!

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