Posted by: GlutenFreeGypsy | September 25, 2009

If Not Now, Then When?

I’m going to start off with admitting that “starting your blog” has intimidated me for months and months.  Sure, there are millions of things I’d love to bounce off others to see their own thoughts and feelings on the subject.  (I’m a Gemini, we love to talk.) But actually writing THE first one?  Terrifying!  But alas, now I can answer to the caring and supportive friends…yes, I’ve started the blog.  Finally!

Tonight I try to ignore the nerves that want to lose control as this is the eve of my first ever half-marathon!  Small goal for some but a huge thing that I’ve secretly always doubted my own ability to accomplish.  I will join two best friends in Hollis, NH to run the Applefest Marathon.  Our goal: finish 13.1 miles within two hours.  Our inspiration: the anniversary of a dear friend’s passing away.  Our reward: lots of food, gluten-free for yours truly 🙂  And celebration with loved ones.  Wish us luck!

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